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You know those beautiful old sheets with embroidered monograms that have been around for generations. The ones you find in antique shops or (if you’re lucky) in the attic tucked away with the Christmas decorations. The quality is extraordinary, the craftsmanship too. But they belong to another time when sizes where different and one could spend hours on making the bedding. So they stay there, in the attic, as a cultural heritage with only random visitors, mainly moths.

Too bad. Because those sheets are extremely comfortable. Trust us. We took ours (well, grandma’s to be honest) and gave them new life. We washed them, dyed them and resew them to fit modern beds, duvets and pillow cases. And then we went around the world to collect some more, because we thought that there might be others than us interested in reborn vintage sheets.

On one of those trips we started wondering if it was possible to make new ones as well. New ones with the same quality and feel as the old ones. Sustainable and organic, produced in our part of the world to an affordable price and – of course – made in color. The result is a collection of new bed linen produced in Portugal, made to last for generations.

We can’t promise that they won’t go out of style in a hundred years or so, but let’s hope then that someone finds them and gives them new life just like we did. Because they’re worth it.

Good night and sleep tight.

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