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Beloved T-Shirt Vintage Junior Sheet 00009




77 x 94 cm


Vintage pillowcase reborn in our color Beloved T-shirt – using eco-certified dyes and labelled ‘Good Environmental Choice’.

With lace.

100% Cotton
These pre-loved items, these textile treasures, once forgotten, have been carefully sourced from around the world for their craftsmanship and splendid quality. They have survived generations. We chase and collect them. We give them new life. They have been washed, repaired and dyed in a new color. Each item’s history adds character and charm, and yes they have been used so there can be minor usage marks. All vintage items are quality checked by our team in-house, both before and after dying. We hope you will come to love these products as much as we have loved sourcing them for you. Respect, Repair, Recycle and Reuse.
Wash at 40C. Do not tumble dry. Stretch hang and dry. Fill the washing machine completely, never wash half a machine to save on water. Please avoid dry cleaning and if needed choose an organic dry cleaner.
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