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The philosophy of the brand is to make products that last. To help extend the life of your bedlinen we recommend – machine wash at 30 – 40 degrees, environmentally friendly soap, no bleach, air-dry, no or low iron. Washing is hard on your textiles and on the environment. Washing on a  low temperature is a great way to save resources. Avoid tumble dry; air-dry your garment for a fresh look and feeling.

Our vintage products are pre-loved treasures: forgotten, re-discovered, surviving generations. They have been washed, repaired and dyed in a new color. All items are quality checked by our team in-house, both before and after dying. Each item’s history adds character and charm. To be washed in 40C, hang dry.

To minimize the environmental footprint, wipe off stains with a damp cloth then leave to air you duvet. When needed, machine wash in 40 C with eco friendly detergent. Tumble dry with dryer balls to make dryer time shorter and the quality of the duvet to last longer.



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